10 Benefits of An Applicant Tracking System

Recruiting new employees can be a stressful, time-consuming and expensive process. An Applicant Tracking System / ATS is used by companies to automate recruitment and keep costs significantly lower. 

ATS can be used by big corporations, startups and small businesses. Below are 10 benefits of an Applicant Tracking System:

Saves time by automating tasks: Applicant tracking systems help you focus more on tasks that require your attention rather than spending manual resources on routine tasks. Automating these tasks makes your work easier and faster.

With your applicant tracking system, you can 

  • automatically screen resumes and reject candidates based on your requirements
  • automatically schedule online assessments and background checks.

Helps find the right candidates & filter out candidates that do not fit the role: When you post job openings, applications more than what your HR team can handle may come in. It is important to screen these applications thoroughly but as quickly as possible so that your candidates are not lost to your competitors and peers. A good ATS makes screening thoroughly and in time possible.

A good applicant tracking system enables you to set custom criteria that automatically reject resumes—this can be age, location, years of experience, etc. This way, resumes that don’t match your criteria do not reach your HR team.

Generates key recruiting insights: ATS gives you access to insight for all stages of interviews for different roles, the best source of hiring, the number of candidates interviewed per week or month, interview metrics, etc.

Checking these metrics helps you understand the processes that are working and those that are not. And this in turn helps you step in and take timely action.

Offers better candidate experience: Getting either positive or negative feedback from the recruiter is something most job seekers always look forward to.  They want to stay updated about their hiring process. An aplicant tracking software allows you automate important tasks. Tasks such as sending an email when a candidate can proceed to a different stage, resulting in a better candidate experience.

 – Easy job posting: Publishing job openings to multiple job boards at once and scheduling interviews helps you save time and effort. With the right applicant system, you can do all of these and get insights into platforms that bring in the best candidates.

As you save time and effort creating and managing different job posts in your recruitment process, you can also shift your attention to writing the most effective job description for all job types.

Facilitates collaborative hiring: The hiring process often involves different tasks and dealing with multiple candidates. As the decision-making process often involves the executive, HR managers, and team members, the ATS is an effective way to protect and promote company culture. ATS software offers a collaborative space to evaluate applicants, offer feedback, and more.

Allows easy interview scheduling: Instead of sending interview schedules manually to your stream of candidates, using an ATS will help you schedule interviews easily. Syncing of calendars also gets easier with an ATS.

Provides access to a wider scope of audience: Posting to several job portals at once helps you track all the analytics efficiently. This gives you access to a large audience and pool of talents across all platforms. An Applicant Tracking System helps to expand your hiring horizons.

Strengthens employer branding: Applicant Tracking System allows companies to develop a stronger brand image by using different features. An example is the career section on their website.

ATS customizes and adapts to each company’s corporate identity, making it an excellent tool for establishing strong employer branding. Logos, images, and even videos help create an online site that fits with their identity.

It speeds up your hiring funnel: Recruiters can speed up the hiring funnel by streamlining their entire recruitment process using an ATS. This reduced time gives you access to the right talent at the right time. Doing this helps you shift your time and effort to other valuable tasks like reaching out to potential clients.

Automation helps you to save time and effort during the hiring process. You get the same or even better results as you would doing work manually. This is the reason why ATS is becoming a hit in the recruitment market. You want to try out ATS today.